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    6 Home Maintenance DIYs to Prep Your Home for Spring

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    While everyone tends to look forward to spring, there’s a lot that homeowners need to do to get ready. From checking for damage from winter weather to cleaning up your outdoor spaces, preparing for warmer weather isn’t always easy. The good news is that a few home maintenance DIYs will have you ready for spring days in no time.

    Plan for Summer Safety (Even When You’re Away)

    No doubt, you already have plans for a summer excursion. And before the season arrives is the perfect season to prepare for your time away. If security is a concern, HSH suggests installing signs to advertise your home security system. You can also install automated locks and programmable lights to provide an extra layer of defense against intruders.

    Handle Stored Summer Equipment Carefully

    Bringing out the patio furniture (and summer toys) is a highlight come springtime. But after a long season stored away, your patio set can benefit from a thorough cleaning. Be sure to use a quality disinfectant product to remove germs and bacteria that thrive in moist environments like the tool shed or pool house. You may also need to scrub corrosion off patio furniture and apply wax or another protectant to defend against sun damage, notes The Nest.

    Check the Roof for Winter Damage

    Now that the weather is drying up—but the heat hasn’t settled in—it’s the perfect time for any roof repairs. If winter wind and rain did a number on your roof, checking for loose shingles or other pieces out of place can be a big help. For basic fixes like securing shingles or adding caulking, you can take the DIY route to save time and money.

    Bring a cordless drill up the ladder with you, and fixing minor damage will be a snap. Of course, don’t hesitate to call an expert for severe issues that are unsafe to DIY.

    Fix Gutter Issues Ahead of Spring Showers

    Though winter often provides the most thunderstorms, spring brings showers, too. Make checking your gutters part of your spring checklist to prevent water from pooling around your home. Pools of water may damage your property’s foundation, explains House Logic, so diverting the downpour is a necessary step. Checking for interior water leaks — such as from frozen and burst pipes over winter — is another smart step in preparation for spring.

    Eliminate Mosquito Hazards

    Standing water also tends to invite mosquitoes and other unwanted pests onto your property. If your gutters are draining properly, that eliminates standing water around your home. However, you’ll need to take additional steps to keep mosquitoes away as the weather warms up. Make sure your yard doesn’t have excess moisture and puddles.

    Also, consider reducing shade coverage with overhanging plants, as this can encourage mosquitoes to linger. Early spring is also a great time to plant mosquito-repelling plants and herbs like lavender, citronella geranium, and even peppermint.

    Check Your Trees’ Health

    Winter can be tough on humans and nature alike. For example, grass can sustain damage when frost or snow lies on it throughout winter. Trees are also susceptible to damage in winter as well as throughout the warmer months of the year. You should make a habit of checking on your trees each spring, pruning back dead branches and looking out for signs of disease.

    Many homeowners are in a hurry to embrace spring. It’s a refreshing and energizing season, after all. But it’s also an excellent time to walk through a few home and property maintenance DIYs. Taking these steps now will ensure that your home remains safe and cozy all year round.

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