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    A residential cottage house with a courtyard.

    For a gorgeous, inviting home, curb appeal is essential. Whether you’re looking to fall in love with your home once again or leverage it to hit it big in Virginia’s seller’s market, we give you some of the biggest curb appeal trends for 2021. The trends you’re about to read about aren’t only popular but also timeless. Give a few (or all) of these ideas a chance, enjoy the process, and, even more importantly, enjoy the final results!

    #1 Front yard social

    The backyard has always been a popular gathering spot for family and friends. But this script has flipped and now is your front porch’s time to shine. Front yard living gains the spotlight in 2021, transitioning from a simple tiny stoop and a formal entrance into an inviting space for relaxation and entertainment in the sunshine.

    Front yard living is becoming more and more popular.
    The potential for front yard lounging is increasing in popularity among homebuyers searching for their new home. So, whether you are looking to sell your property for a top price, or starting a new project to enhance your home’s curb appeal, get your front porch in shape this year by prepping it with all the right bells and whistles for an ultimate al fresco bliss. You can:

    • Upgrade to a new, comfy porch seating for more chic entertaining outdoors;
    • Choose natural materials for base and colors that enhance your current aesthetic;
    • Compliment the area with flowers and a small water feature focal point.
    • Finally, there is no achieving the perfect ambiance without some mood lighting.

    #2 Add a pergola to it

    The pergola may perhaps be one of the favorites among 2021 curb appeal trends. Why pergolas? For starters, installing porches and patios is expensive. Pergolas allow homeowners to sit outside comfortably, enjoy their summer day, and wave to their neighbors. And this is why they love this home improvement idea. But pergolas do more than just adding covering for shade. A pergola will also compliment your home beautifully. It can serve as a unique point of style to your exterior and taking your home’s curb appeal to the next level.

    #3 Oversized, bold windows – lots of them!

    There is an uptick in interest in big, bold windows that offer a lot more natural light among home shoppers this year. If you aspire to a contemporary, sleek and updated look, this 2021 home exterior design trend will blow your mind and boost your home’s value.

    The style can be found everywhere these days, making the jump to the East Coast as well. It’s true that Virginia finds its architectural inspiration from its English roots even to this day. However, its overall vibe isn’t entirely in the past. In other words, there isn’t a real estate market that could easily resist this trend. And it is not hard to see why this is so. Going extra on windows can drastically modernize any property. During the day, you get beautiful bright and airy interiors, which are also on-trend this year. Then, at night, when the lights are on, it transforms into a shining beacon. Talk about curb appeal!

    Large glass windows will give your home a contemporary, sleek look.
    Thus, if you are looking to buy a home in Virginia, properties in this style with a modern vibe are very easy to find. These homes mainly have straight lines and lots and lots of glass. Yes, lots of it. You’ll find floor-to-ceiling windows and sometimes even whole walls made out of glass. If you’re looking to try out this trend to update your existing home in Alexandria, make sure you are prepared for such a major construction undertaking. For instance, you’ll need someplace to keep your items secure as you’ll be cutting out large sections of your walls. Storage units are a great option in such events since they are highly reliable and yet very easy to use.

    #4 Black is on the rise

    Yes, you read that right. Black is on the rise and slowly becoming one of the biggest curb appeal trends for 2021. Pure black, dim gray, ebony, charcoal, taupe, black olive. Choose any of the black’s plethora of shades (or a combination of them), and be the first one in the neighborhood to try out this trend and paint drama all over your home exterior. Although one cannot deny it would be an incredibly bold stroke, wait until your project is completed to see your neighbors swooning and their heads turning to get a better look at it.

    But the reason why black is making a comeback is not only because of the dramatic look it achieves. Black is also a perfect mix of classic beauty and a modern twist. To make the whole thing even better, pair this on-trend exterior color with bronze metal accents. For instance, you can try bronze patio furniture or porch lights. Then, watch the magic happen.

    #5 Natural wood accents

    If you are anxious about painting it all black, one black section alone will add a contemporary and luxurious flair to an otherwise typical piece of property. Using black even as an accent allows for a wide variety of incredibly stylish looks, especially if you partner it with neutrals such as white or brown.

    Nervous about painting your entire house black? Mix it up with some warm wood accents.
    This year, we have also seen an upswing in natural or composite wood details embellishing home exteriors. The warmth of the wood looks astonishing on all sorts of architecture, from contemporary to farmhouse. Moreover, it is a trend that is most likely here to stay. Any accent, from a raised garden bed and trellis to pergola and bench, is bound to add some architectural interest.

    #6 Native landscaping

    Sustainability is slowly but steadily transitioning from a mere esoteric idea into a genuine lifestyle goal. Therefore, it is no surprise that lush lawns are turning into a thing of the past as native landscaping becomes one of the biggest curb appeal trends for 2021. In the pursuit of a smaller carbon footprint, interest in native plant landscaping has increased in Virginia and all over the country. Homeowners are increasingly starting to prefer eco-friendly landscaping features over time-sucking and labor-intensive gardens and lawns. They opt for plants that are adapted to their natural soil conditions and climate. Such plants need no extra coddling to do well. Do you wish to plant more responsibly, too? Great decision! Don’t wait to pay a visit to your local horticultural society. They will be able to educate you a great deal on native plant landscaping.

    Meta description: Curb appeal is not only a solid investment, but it also makes you fall in love with your home’s look. Here are some of the biggest curb appeal trends for 2021.

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