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    Budget-Friendly Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly (and for Top Dollar)

    Staged Home
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    So, you’re putting your home on the market. Contrary to what the current economic situation suggests, now is as good a time to sell a home as any. Yes, the process might look different, but as long as you take the proper steps in preparing your home, you should be able to land the sale you’re hoping for. Below are some cost-effective tips for getting your home ready to sell, along with suggestions for how you can safely show it to potential suitors.

    Declutter and Clean

    The first step of prepping your home will be to declutter. This entails going through every room in space and purging all of your unneeded or unwanted items. Tackle it one room at a time, And determine whether to keep, sell, donate, or throw away/recycle each item.

    Once you have pared down your belongings, it will be time to deep clean. This is also a task to take room by room. Leave no corner untouched; from the ceilings to the floor, get every inch of the home as shiny as possible. You can save a little money by making your own cleaning solutions with ingredients you probably already have in the pantry.

    Make Improvements

    Next, you will need to assess any improvements that your home needs. Start with the function of your home, and make any necessary repairs. There are a lot of repairs that you can DIY, a few examples being fixing a hole in the drywall, replacing broken drawer handles, and repairing a leaky faucet. However, more complex repairs are not where you should try to save money. Things like repairing a roof or fixing major plumbing or electrical problems should be handled by professionals.

    You will also need to consider any cosmetic improvements you can make. This might include things like applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls, fixing scratches in the hardwood floors, or changing out outdated doorknobs.

    Stage Your Home

    There’s more to staging your home than making cosmetic improvements. Staging is all about creating a mood in your home. It allows you to make rooms and spaces look bigger and brighter. It allows you to inject warmth into the home. By replacing personal decor with more neutral decor, rearranging and/or adding furniture, and changing out fixtures, among many other tasks, you can make your home appeal to a wide range of buyers while also making it look lived-in and uber-comfortable.

    Even when you’re staging your home yourself, you have to be conscious of your budget; otherwise, things can quickly get out of hand. To stay in line with your budget, be sure to scour the web for savings opportunities, such as Rakuten cash back offers, coupons, and promo codes.

    Explore Virtual Showings

    These days, you don’t need to conduct physical open houses or showings because technology makes it possible to do it virtually. Look into 3D walkthroughs, video-chat tours, and virtual tours. If you still decide to hold in-person showings, be sure to take extra safety precautions to protect all parties involved.

    Moreover, it’s still important to hire a good real estate agency like the 2Halls Property Team. Not only can they guide you through each step of the selling process, but they can also set up any virtual showings you want to conduct. Considering the services a trustworthy and professional agent can offer and how much stress it can relieve, this is one investment you don’t want to skip out on.

    Even amid a global pandemic, you should be able to quickly sell your home for top dollar if you take the necessary steps in preparing it. Remember to declutter, clean, and make any cosmetic and functional improvements needed. Then, invest in staging your home to add that extra “oomph” that will woo buyers. Finally, determine the best types of showings to conduct for your situation, and hire a trusted real estate agent who can help you along the way.

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