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Kitchen Renovations with the Highest ROI

A bright modern kitchen
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Real estate agents say that kitchens sell houses. This is very true so if you are planning to sell your home, renovating your kitchen is a great way to ensure a speedy and successful sale. Even if you are not planning to sell anytime soon, when remodeling your kitchen, try to invest in features that will increase its’ value. Aesthetics are important, but functionality and return on investment matter, too. Therefore, we’ve prepared kitchen renovations with the highest ROI. If you are in for kitchen renovation anytime soon, we strongly recommend investing in the features and appliances we’ve listed in this article.

Update Kitchen Cabinets

One of the simplest kitchen renovations with the highest ROI is investing in kitchen cabinetry. When people walk into your kitchen, cabinets are the first thing that draws attention. It’s no wonder as they take around the third of your kitchen.

A dark and modern kitchen
If you are investing in new kitchen cabinets, get creative and buy something you’ve
always wanted. If you always desired to have a dark and elegant kitchen – go for it!

Cabinets that are worn out, dull, or even damaged, or falling off hinges, can’t make a good impression on anyone. Therefore, the easiest thing you can do is resurface your cabinets and give them a fresh coat of paint. If they are too damaged and are beyond repair, invest in new ones. There are different ways to pay for home improvements, and this specific one will give you a great ROI.

Make Your Kitchen Energy-Efficient

If you think that investing in expensive and fancy appliances will help you sell your home faster, you couldn’t be more wrong. They can be quite a turn-off for potential buyers, especially if they are too complicated to use.

Therefore, think about adding energy-efficient appliances instead. This is one of the home upgrades that you should consider not only for your kitchen but for other parts of your home. They are highly appreciated as they are simple to use, and they will also give you a great ROI. Finding ways to reduce your carbon footprint will not only help you sell your home faster but will do good to our planet, too.

Don’t worry about having your appliances stand out. It’s more important to invest in the right products that fit with your kitchen’s overall theme. Invest in simple devices that are suitable for everyday use. Most importantly, they should be energy-star rated – if they spend less energy, bills will be lower, and that’s a great way to increase your chances of a sale.

Another great upgrade you should think about investing in is energy-efficient windows. They put you in a win-win situation – by retaining the heat, they reduce your heating and cooling bills, but on the other hand, they increase the value of your home. In terms of ROI, making your kitchen energy-efficient will have the most significant impact.

Paint The Walls

This is probably the cheapest kitchen improvement, but it can do wonders for your kitchen’s overall impression and look. You might have perfect cabinets, glossy countertops, and state-of-the-art appliances, but if the color scheme is not suitable, none of these features will be able to stand out.

If you are remodeling before selling, we strongly recommend choosing neutral and light colors. They make the space seem wider and brighter, and any other color you choose for cabinets or countertops will go well. If you are renovating for yourself and your family, you can always be bold and choose a bright color. However, make sure that the color matches the
theme of your kitchen.

A bright kitchen with white cabinets
You can’t go wrong with choosing white! It makes the space feel airier, bigger, and brighter.

After you’ve finished painting, make sure to disinfect the new kitchen and clean everything thoroughly. There will be plenty of dust and paint residue to clean, but it is even more important to have everything disinfected. You don’t want any paint and other toxic substances all over the place.

Update Floors

When not maintained correctly, floors tend to get worn out faster. Therefore, investing in new flooring is a good solution when renovating your kitchen. It will also give you a high ROI.

One of the best flooring materials you can invest in is vinyl. Being waterproof makes it super easy to clean. Plus, it’s a very affordable material that requires minimal maintenance, making it a great choice for long-lasting kitchen flooring.

As there is a lot of moisture in the kitchen, we advise skipping hardwood floors in this area. Although they can give you the highest ROI, they are best in the living room or bedrooms. If installed in the kitchen, the hardwood floor would rot faster and require frequent maintenance.

Another option is tiling. Tiles are waterproof and heat resistant but not preferred by some people as they can get cold. This could potentially negatively influence your home’s resale value.

Other kitchen renovations with the highest ROI

Here are three more kitchen renovations that can provide you with a high ROI:
– Pay attention to the backsplash – We already talked about the significance of designs and color, and by adding a unique backsplash, you’re adding a style statement to your kitchen.
– If you decided to paint your kitchen a neutral color, you could make a backsplash the part that stands out in a bright color. They are not very costly but great to invest in as their primary purpose is to protect your walls from stains and spots.
– Invest in new countertops – Countertops are an essential part of your kitchen and play a significant role in your home’s resale value. The best materials to invest in are granite and marble but think about quartz if your budget is tight. It is highly durable and nonporous, which makes it very easy to clean. Due to it being so low maintenance but still long-lasting, it gives a great ROI.
– The importance of good lighting – No matter how gorgeous your kitchen is, it won’t stand out in the wrong light. Suitable lighting fixtures in the kitchen are essential not only for aesthetics but for your safety, too. If there is sufficient light, you can clean everything properly and avoid potential accidents.

A modern, bright kitchen with an island and white cabinets
If your kitchen is big enough, consider investing in a kitchen island.


A beautiful, modern kitchen is welcoming not only for you and your guests but for potential new house owners, too. Therefore, don’t spare money and invest in kitchen renovations with the highest ROI. That way, you’ll be certain you’ll sell your home fast and, more importantly, at a higher price.

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