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    Medicare Resources

    I wanted to take a few minutes to post some helpful infomation for those seeking Medicare Resources to help them determine which plan is best for them. Jessie Smith from Medicare Plans Patient Resource Center ( provided some helpful information and links below that may help in that search.
    These resources were created because their research surfaced some disheartening statistics. They found that over 50% of seniors enrolling in Medicare during Open Enrollment found choosing the right plan confusing; and there were over 35% of seniors who did not feel prepared to choose the right plan. Seeing as this is a vital decision for aging adults as they head into some of their most vulnerable years, having a lack of clarity and understanding of their healthcare coverage options is problematic. So they’ve made it their mission to help current and future subscribers develop their understanding of Medicare so that they can navigate this complex system with confidence. Their most recent guide was designed to walk seniors and their families through the different medicare plans to find the best one that meets both their medical and financial needs.

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