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    Senior Financial Scams and Tips to Avoid Them

    As a Realtor® and a Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®), I am specialized in helping Seniors and their families with the Real Estate needs during times of transition. But there’s there are many challenges that seniors and their families face every day. One of those potential risk is the burgeoning growth of fraudsters! Yep…there are more people than ever out there working scams like it is a 40 hour a week job. In the past, I’ve shared articles providing resources for agent parents and I wanted to revisit that topic.  

    I often run across resources that might be helpful to seniors and their families, and I like to share that information as a blog post here on my website. One such resource comes from Their article, A Seniors Guide to Financial Scams (and How to Avoid Them) is a very good rundown of type of scams out there targeting seniors, some ways to avoid them and lots of other helpful tips.

    I hope you find this resource useful and I would love any feedback you have on the article and if you find these types of articles helpful!

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