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    Tips for Selling a Boomer Home to the Next Generation of Buyers

    Article Written and provided by Karl Kennedy
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    The time has come, the decision has been made. You’re a Boomer and you are ready
    to sell your long-time home. What improvements need to be done to your home in
    order to attract the attention of today’s homebuyer, who will more than likely be a
    member of the Millennial generation? Millennials now compromise 26% of the U.S.
    population and represent 42% of residential real estate buyers.

    Tip #1: A Home Office
    Would you believe that today 66% of companies are allowing some of their
    employees to work remotely? And for many Millennials that means from home. As a
    result, the importance of having a home office is growing in leaps and bounds. You
    say your home doesn’t have a dedicated home office. It’s really simple to take that
    extra bedroom or finished basement area and turn it into an office space. Simply add
    some additional shelving options, install some extra outlets, and provide good
    lighting. Stage the room as an office so that potential buyers can actually see the
    room as their new office space.

    Tip #2: Smart Technology
    Millennials view smart home technology as more than a convenience, it’s a time
    saver, and Millennials live very busy lives. By adding items like smart thermostats
    and doorbells, electronic keyless entry locks, and modern security systems that can
    be controlled by a smartphone, you will be able to increase your home’s appeal to
    these more than often, two-income families who always seem to be on the run.

    Tip #3: Ample Storage Options
    You can’t really add more closets but you can install closet organizing systems at a
    very reasonable cost. Having closet organizers makes a home seem more spacious,
    allowing Millennials, who seem to accumulate “stuff”, to keep the home clutter-free.
    Another area that will appeal to these buyers is a well-organized garage.
    Improvements to your garage could include bright overhead lighting, owner-
    adjustable custom shelving units, overhead storage options, and additional electrical
    circuits and outlets. The cost of adding these additional storage features are very
    reasonable, averaging $2500 or less.

    Tip #4: Make the Home Turnkey
    As stated earlier, Millennials lead busy lives. Their time has already been fully
    scheduled and doing a lot of home renovations is nowhere on their list. Also, their
    savings are going to be spent on the down payment and furnishings, not on updates.
    Simple things that you can do to, like replacing outdated light fixtures or adding USB
    outlets in several rooms will go a long way in attracting these buyers.

    Tip #5: Online Marketing
    Millennials seem to be born with a smartphone in their hand. No matter what they
    decide to search for, food, clothing, a vacation spot, or their next home, their phone
    is where the search begins, and most of the time ends. You absolutely need a real
    estate agent that understands online marketing and will provide great photos and
    video tours of your home. If these buyers can’t view your home online in great
    detail, you will never get them in the front door. After all, these are very busy people
    with no time to waste on visiting a home they probably wouldn’t be interested in
    buying anyway.

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